Zoran Prodanović – Prlja is the frontman of the Rijeka-based band LET 3, which is slowly becoming the staple rock attraction of the Black Sheep. As with their two previous concerts, LET 3 will once again light up Baška, we’re sure of it. We stopped to talk to Prlja about their fans’ high expectations.


What are you preparing for us this year? Will there be any surprises? Do you have any advice for the fans?

PRLJA: As always, we are working on something really special for the Black Sheep. We’re happy as little kids for once again being a part of that unique event. We want to say to the people to flock to the festival, as they will be sorry if they miss it. And to enjoy it, in the true sense of the word. All the preconditions are there: a breathtaking location, loads of programs for everyone, top performers and organization.

The Antivalentinovo (Anti-Valentine’s Day) event in Zagreb saw LET 3 collaborating with Vuco. Where did that come from? The story goes that you connected over lamb meat…

PRLJA: As a person and a musician, Vuco is a volcano of energy and honesty. That’s why we wanted to do a collaboration with him, and we are really happy that it finally happened. We believe he’s fond of us as well. We bonded quite well and quickly, and I believe that is reflected in the results of our collaboration. And, yes, lamb meat played an important role. We love it and he does as well, even though he prefers concrete lamb parts, such as lamb chops, and we love lamb ribs, offal, lamb head or even tail.

You used to carry pillows around, replicating politicians’ bellies and saying they got that big because they ate too much lamb meat, and today, you give lamb meat away. Has LET 3 matured, grown old and realized what the real values are?

PRLJA: I don’t remember politicians giving lamb meat away, maybe to each other, while discussing how to drive a wedge between the “sheep” to rule over them more easily. We have always acted in line with the lyrics of Kontinentio, a song of ours that says: Kada te ponude, uzmi, jedi i pij, uvijek je bilo i svega će bit (When offered, take it, eat and drink; everything is plentiful and always will be). So, if there’s enough lamb meat for us, there will be enough lamb meat for everyone. I believe that’s mature thinking right there.

What are you working on right now? What can we expect from LET 3 in the near future?

PRLJA: We’re putting the finishing touches on our latest album, which features a number of interesting collaborations. We also have a busy concert summer ahead of us, and we still have lots to offer to our fans. So, don’t worry, we’ll meet all the expectations.

Two years ago, you ended your concert with a psychedelic version of Sam u vodi (Alone in Water), which went on for nearly 12 minutes. The fans were in a trance and it’s safe to say they are expecting a lot from you this year. Will you be able to deliver?

PRLJA: Perhaps this year we should kick off with a version of that same song that will go on for 120 minutes, so they can fall into a trance at the very start. What do you think? All jokes aside, it will be great, unforgettable even.

Once again, I would like to invite everyone to come to this year’s edition of the Black Sheep and let themselves get some collective enjoyment.

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